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I have an iPad 1, and it has apps from my Apple ID (MikesHeatandAir) and my wife's Apple ID. I want to transfer all MikesHeatandAir apps to my new iPad 2, and leave my wife's apps on the iPad 1. Would I need to back up the iPad 1 on my computer, and remove all the apps that are not Mikesheatandair, and then restore the backup to my new iPad 2? Or is their an easier way?

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If you backup the ipad 1, you'll probably get a message stating that there are apps that are not part of the current itunes library.


I beleive it will delete the ones that are not part of the library you are signed in with.


You should try to backup first anyway.


At any rate, you can always re-download any content directly to your ipad or compouter by signing into the itunes and app stores, and then going to 'purchased'.


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