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I've already done a hard reset and validated my modem works (am using it now hard-wired). When I plug the time capsule into my modem, all the lights go off on the modem. Help please!!

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    That is super weird.. have you waited a few minutes to see if the modem restarts??


    What modem exactly for what broadband service?


    Did you power off both and restart the modem and TC together?


    Try plugging the TC directly to a computer by ethernet.. isolated from the network.


    Set the TC to bridge mode.. in v5 utility in the internet section, connection sharing.




    For v6 utility go to the network tab.. for network select same.. off bridge mode instead of dhcp and nat.


    Don't have a pic but can provide one if needed.


    update and plug the TC back into the modem.. what happens now?

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    Thank you so much for your reply. I don't know why it worked, but I followed your instructions (after installing a new version of airport utility software v6.2), and when I went back to change it from the bridge to DCHP (bc it could not be found at all when I set it to bridge and then reconnected it to the modem), it went green!! I'm very excited, and I greatly appreciate your help!!

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    I have found that ever since I performed the actions above - and all of a sudden my TC/router started working again, my Mac can no longer find my TC to back up, and I can't connect to the TC from my mac all - and I only mean the files, not the internet. Any thoughts? I really have no idea where to start.

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    Do the reboot of everything.


    If you are using wireless, then yes, things go to pot on a regular basis.


    Use ethernet to get things back to life.. you might need to remove the TC from the netwrok.. plug directly into the TC and do a reset..


    Once you run the setup again.. save it via the export configuration so you have a good working configuration you can rapidly use again.


    I would recommend this time around.. do the setup with all SMB type names.. that is compatible with windows, the most common denominator for networking.. if it works with windows it should work with anything.


    So Short.. 10-20 characters pure alphanumeric no spaces. Even less is fine. ie a good name is TC

    That includes names for the TC itself, wireless and hard disk.. and if you are having wireless issues then give separate names to both 2.4ghz and 5ghz so you can keep them separate. Set fixed radio channels to keep things as constant as possible.


    If you need screen shots to help I can provide that.