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I have had no sound since I upgraded to 6.1 on my Ipad2. I have done all the suggestions that have been on this thread. I did though turn off the Ipad2, when the red switch came up, I swiped it to turn it off. After about 5 min. Turned it back on the the sound bar appeared for about 3 seconds after I double clicked and checked the sound to the far left in the task screen, then disappeared and again no sound. I Cleaned the ports (Head set and the dock port) checked all the settings. I really think this is an Issue with the ios 6.1 update. Apple needs to fix this bug. I had sound before I upgraded. SO Apple take note.!!!!! Please come out with a fix to fix the sound issue. I even deleted and started all over as a new IPAD2. When I done this the sound bar was not there after I rebooted everything. THIS HAS TO BE A BUG IN THE UPGRADE, Come on Apple FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
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    First, this is a user-to-user forum hosted by Apple. We are all users here. You aren't talking to Apple.


    If your update process goes awry you can have problems after an iOS update. This appears to be what has happened to you. Regarding iOS 6.1: I am using iOS 6.1 on my iPad 3 and iPad 4 with no problems. I don't think that Apple would have released iOS 6.1 if something as obvious as no sound was wrong.


    So something went amiss in your update.


    What you can do to repair this is to try a restore as new to see if that cures the problem.


    Using iTunes on your computer backup your iPad and then choose Restore iPad...


    After the restore completes see if your sound problem is corrected.

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    I have tried this nurmous times it does not help. I have retored my Ipad to new status and afterwards the sound bar is still missing. Is there any way to re-update it. Obviously I can't go back to another ios. Went to an Apple store and they said they would have to send it back and would probably more than a new IPAD to fix.

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    Are you sure that you did a restore as new and did not save settings. If you did that you would have had to go through the Setup Assistant to setup your iPad again. The restore as new should replace the iOS image on your iPad.


    If you really did that and still have a problem then you may, indeed, have a hardware problem.

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    Yes, I did a complete restore and went through the set up assistant  as if it was a new iPad. Still no sound bar. It worked before I upgraded. Do not think it is a hardware issue. Nothing has changed. Cleaned all ports with canned air. Restarted numerous times. Oh we'll, I guess I am stuck with silent IPad. Ear phones still work.

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    Hi, Im sorry to hear about your problem. Has it been resloved ? If not perhaps I can be of service.

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    Hope you can is the story.I had sound before I upgraded to 6.1. Since then I have. No sound. I have tried all of the things that have been suggested. I even went so far as to do a complete restore from the beginning as if we're a new iPad. Even when I did this the sound bar is still gone. When I plug in my earphone, the sound bar appears and I can hear sound through my ear phone, as soon as I unplug my ear phone the sound bar disappears and no sound. I have tried restart nurmous time. Cleaned the ports with canned air. Now when I push the  off button and slide the red slider to turn it off and after I turn it back on the sound bar appears only a few seconds then disappears. Checked all the settings in general tab. I have the lock rotation checked. It's all set as it was before I upgraded. So, any help will be much appreciated.

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    Ok let's start off by getting some information on your Apple device.

    • Model Number


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    Model# MC770LL/A


    Sn# DL*****FHY


    Version: 6.1 ( 10B141


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    Ok, Thanks for that information. Look on the right side of your device and tell me if you see an orange dot on the mute switch above the volume rocker.

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    Please don't post your serial number on a public site

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    No, the orange is covered by the switch

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    Ok when you play music from the music app can you hear anything ?

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    No, I only hear it when I plug in my head phones.

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    Do you have speakers that you use for for your Ipad (That plug in to the charging port) or do you use the built-in speakers ?

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