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I have had no sound since I upgraded to 6.1 on my Ipad2. I have done all the suggestions that have been on this thread. I did though turn off the Ipad2, when the red switch came up, I swiped it to turn it off. After about 5 min. Turned it back on the the sound bar appeared for about 3 seconds after I double clicked and checked the sound to the far left in the task screen, then disappeared and again no sound. I Cleaned the ports (Head set and the dock port) checked all the settings. I really think this is an Issue with the ios 6.1 update. Apple needs to fix this bug. I had sound before I upgraded. SO Apple take note.!!!!! Please come out with a fix to fix the sound issue. I even deleted and started all over as a new IPAD2. When I done this the sound bar was not there after I rebooted everything. THIS HAS TO BE A BUG IN THE UPGRADE, Come on Apple FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
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