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    Ok, I have tried all the fixes that are known on all discussions about fixing the sound. Deleted eveything started over as new IPAD. Still no sound bar. When I reboot it from the apple logo, the soud bar appears for about 15 seconds then disappears. When I use mywireless speaker and the airplay menu pops up there is no IPAD option only the wireless speaker and dock connector. The wireless speaer works well and so does the ear buds. Any suggestions. Have cleaned the port with air tootbrush, and eveything that has been suggested. I have heard of an update this fall. Any rumors as to when the update might be. I have taken in to an apple store and they can't fix it either.

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    I am having the same issue. Also when I press the volume buttons on the side of the ipad, the usual bell symbol comes up in the center of the screen, but says sound effects instead of volume.

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    Does yours say the same?

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    Yes, mine is the same. With the new iOS it is still the same, I believe it's a hardware issue. Probably need to send it in to get it repaired.

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    I took it into the Apple Store. I had my Ipad in a backpack and there was a yoghurt that opened.  I thought it did n't get into the IPAD but apparently it did.  They tried brushing it away at the charging port and it didn't work.  They said I could either pay $199.00 for an exchange or get blue tooth speakers.


    I did some more research online and found someone saying that if you took alcohol and cleaned the contacts that this would work.  It did for awhile but doesn't any more.


    Same things on the speakers.  I bought Blue Tooth speakers and it worked for awhile and then just cut out.


    When I try the volume control all I get is the Sound effects volume control


    The person at the Apple Store said that the IPAD thinks it is docked and therefore doesn't play sound regular sounds through the speakers  

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    I decided to send in my iPad to Total cost was $75.00. It is a defective charging port. They replaced it and now is working fine. Complete sound. They are highly rated and it takes about 3 weeks. You pay to send it in and to return it to you. But it's worth it. Great service. Just bite the bullet and send in your iPad.

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