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I've read in the iTunes U administrators' guide (pgs. 92-93) about a weekly report that is emailed detailing user interaction with iTunes U content.


My organization has an iTunes U site that originated many years ago. I am now the one charged with overseeing our multimedia offerings. How do I go about contacting Apple and getting the "owner" information updated so that I can begin receiving these weekly reports? Any suggestions?

iTunes U, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Or... besides iTunes U, we have a podcast that is updated via RSS. How do I designate myself as the owner of said podcast?

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    If you are referring to your Private iTunes U site not converted to the iTunes U Public Site Manager, then weekly reports are emailed to the site Administrator email address. Public iTunes U sites I beleive are all using the iTunes U Public Site Manager and weekly reports ceased some time ago but now there is access to usage reports from within the  iTunes U Public Site Manager or you can use the iTunes Store API to request Daily iTunes U Log Reports as documented in an updated iTunes U Administration Guide.


    I found the API challenging and convinced a collegue to develop a very basic command line app' Laurus to do the hard bit for me. I then import the downloaded data into a database and then do some SQL to replicate the Apple reports.The Laurus app' is not documented at all but if you are interested in using it I should be able to give you some instructions via email or the like.