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I transferred my Itunes from on laptop to another(windows xp to windows 7) and now my Genius feature will not formulate playlists. Is there anyway to call Apple support and get help? I am terrible with computers. I did some other stuff with itunes. My ipod would not sync with the new laptop, so I erased the ipod and synced it with the new computer.

Windows 7
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    You'll have better luck getting an answer to your questions if you post them in relevent discussion topics.  If your questions are off the topic then don't expect anyone to help you find an answer.  You want to be posting your questions under the iTunes topic or perhaps another more relevent discussion. Good luck.

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    Of course I didn't mean to post that question here. I don't know how it happened. I must have clicked the wrong tab.I remember being confused. I thought I wasn't feeling well that day. Turns out I wasn't. I ended up with appendicits  in the emergency room a few hours after I wrote that and had to have surgery. I didn't realize it was more than feeling a little under the weather, as the pain was excruciating a few hours later.

    Perhaps you could be a little nicer next time you answer someone. You don't know what is going on with the other person, " If your questions are off the topic then don't expect anyone to help you find an answer."

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    I am sorry for my tone which was not intended to be mean to you. I only meant to be to the point. There didn't seem to be any posts that were even close to the topic and I hoped that other people would see my post and find the correct area to post as well. I too have had days like your bout with the ol' appendix. (Kidney stones for me) Sorry again and hopefully you got some help for your iTunes fiasco.