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Worked on an i-Movie project yesterday but when opened i-Movie this morning, the project showed a date of January 13 as last modified date and the project was completely empty.  When I look in Project Library, I can see the project from yesterday. How do I get it back into my i-Movie so it will open.  Thanks.

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi there!


    I am having the same problem. Worked hard for hours to get a project done and suddenly disappeared!


    I had 7 projects in my Project Library and now I only see 6. I see the file in the finder but it won´t show up on Imovie. I have read all the tips and erased the famous com.apple...plist file and nothing happened.


    According to what I have seen, we may be at a dead end. It seems that Imovie is unreliable. Sad because I thought that this kind of stuff didn´t happen on a mac (by the way, a brand new MBAir).


    Any other solutions would be highly appreciated. Just sharing my frustration!


    PD. Sorry for my english, it is not my native language.

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    Hi Rour and vc38,


    A number of others here have posted about this problem, including me. See the following threads:










    It's best to report this to Apple, as the more they hear from us the more likely we'll get a fix (hopefully). There is probably a common issue with this, but I'm struggling to think of what may have triggered the problem. Was it a "recent" update to iMovie or OS X Mountain Lion, or perhaps another updated app conflicting with iMovie?


    To report the problem to Apple, in iMovie's menu click on iMovie > Provide iMovie Feedback.




    PS. Your English is fine Rour

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    Hi John:


    I followed your advice and sent a report to Apple (the way you suggested, providing detailed feedback). I hope we get a solution.


    Meanwhile, I will be aware of any solution that may result. And of course I will use Imovie with my fingers crossed.


    Thanks again.