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I create my own genres in iTunes and also heavily use playlists.


I have bought Sonos 5 but neither genres nor playlists are displaying correctly on Sonos.


For instance, old genres are showing on Sonos that I have since replaced with new ones on iTunes - it's all a bit if a mess.


I have reloaded and updated etc but still no luck.


I'm aware I have to point Sonos at my .xml file, although I actually have 2 .xml files:

1) Music>iTunes>iTunes Library.xml (this is an "XML document" modified in Oct 2010), and

2) Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>iTunes Music Library.xml (this is an "XML text" file that was modified today).


I've have pointed Sonos at both files but it makes no difference.


Any other ideas how I can fix it?


Thank you