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I am trying to set up my account on my iPhone 4s but it is so confusing!! Firstly, do I need pop or imap? Secondly, what do I enter in the Host Name boxes for incoming and outgoing mail server?  I have been searching Google for hours trying to get to the bottom of this and I'm so frustrated.  Please help!

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    Thank you for the response Walter but unfortunately this did not help my plight.  The information in the link you provided is the same kind of stuff I have been reading all evening. I do not understand how to obtain the answers to my specific questions above. do not have a telephone customer services and Apple's are closed for the day.

    Can anyone explain this is simple terms?

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    I found this:

    Hope it helps

    Setting up a account


    I was having the worst time setting up my account server settings, and I imagine others have as well - especially when it came to getting you mail to send. There's very little advice on the topic, none I've found specific to the Droid line up and, the recommended settings are false bits of trash. For one, you don't need to set up IMAP settings, POP service is free. First, ignore them and enter these settings.



    Port is 995
    Your email address, whatever your suffix is (mine ends in
    Your password
    Check secure connection, do not check verify certificate



    Port is 587
    Email address and password as above
    DO NOT CHECK SECURE CONNECTION OR VERIFY CERTIFICATE- this will cause all of your sent messages to fail.


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    I'm in!

    Walter I could kiss you. Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!!!!

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    Happy you could connect.

    Thanks for the points and the kiss