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Re: disabled ipad due to my own mistake on placing a second passcode on restrictions under general.this got myself locked for a near month now.i got my ipad with retina display for a present from Family just recently,january 19,2013.i then got to download itunes 11.0.1 with my employer's permission here at the Motel i co-Manage in Carson City,Nevada.Apple's technical support team at 1800-my-apple walked me through with such patience i will forever be thankful for.i then needed to do the rest of the process and just give feedback on my issue may it be successful or not.unfortunately,restoring process to my ipad which will bring it back to new since it is new anyways,got interrupted with a pop up window saying "itunes may not continue downloading to restore "katrina's ipad" due to the passcode that exists".I need help,i'm in dire need of such immediate help.i'm nothing near to being a techi and i don't want to try restoring it again coz it might mess up my ipad and especially my registration and account with such a trustworthy and reliable company.

thank you so much and it really feels good to be a part of a Community

iPad, OS i'm almost sure isn't a Mac.