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I have a 4s and upgraded to 6.1 and then to 6.1.1 yesterday. Ever since 6.1 no bluetooth connectivity. I tried the reset network connection but no bluetooth. Did a restore to backup and still no bluetooth connectivity and now cannot connect to any WiFi. Keeps saying password incorrect?


Hope Apple specialists/engineers are reading these boards carefully because I'm trying to keep this as detailed as possible. They need clear and precise info.


While syncing the phone with iTunes for the restore it also gave an error message indicating that it couldn't do an immediate backup. I re-started iTunes again and attempted to do a manual back up and got same error message.


I rebooted phone and still cannot pair using bluetooth and still get message saying incorrect passwords for any attempt to log on to any WiFi.


On an interesting side note. I'm on and grandfathered unlimited ATT data plan and usually get the information message saying I cannot use Facetime over cellular. Now amazingly I can but at the expense of no WiFi or bluetooth.