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Yesterday im at the pool party, and im so wasted drunk, suddenly i tossed my iphone5 over the pool about 6feet deep, for 1 minute... then i try to grab it and take some picture and it works like 2minutes, then it restart automaticalyl then when i try to turn it on its just an APPLE LOGO LOOPING RESTART. so i try to turn it off "switch off + the button" ... soo now its been 1day, i try to open it but its just "APPLE LOGO LOOPING RESTART" again, take note i did the tutorial on youtube that showing what to do when your iphone has water damage, the rice thing?, so now im currently seeking for information for wet damage, my iphone is from japan, and im here in the philippines.. tomorrow i will try consult my iphone to the mall and i want to open and blow the air inside.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, Iphone 5 Wet Damage