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Keith Worsley-Brown Level 1 (20 points)

I plan to purchase Carbon Copy Cloner in order to set up a duplcate of my FCE projects with all the current media files on a third HD in case the assicgned scratch disk fails.  Is it necessary to also copy the FCE Assets?  Can I do this?  At present the FCE folder is stored on my internal HD under Applications.


I don't really understand all this, but I would like to have some back-up in case the external HD fails (again.)  Then I would like to be able to access my projects, in editable form, and continue working on them.  Can anyone advise please?  Thank you. Keith

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), have iMac27, use FCE and iMovie11
  • MartinR Level 6 (14,870 points)

    Hi Keith,


    You can copy all your FCE projects and media assets.  I don't know what you mean by "FCE Assets".   If you mean your project files and all the files/folders in  the Final Cut Express Documents folder and child folders  they are your media assets (including the clips, cache & render files and other stuff in those folders).  Those folders & files do not contain anything that is subject to the FCE license.  You can copy them at will.


    The only thing that is subject to the FCE license is the FCE application itself.


    I think you are on the right track to have a double-backup (what you called a third HD).   Note, also that there is no reason to copy any render files, cache files or waveform files. They are temporary files and you can always re-create them by opening your FCE project file and re-rendering.   For what it's worth, copies of render files are practically useless; they just take up disk space.



  • Keith Worsley-Brown Level 1 (20 points)

    Thank you Martin, that's helpful, and reassuring.  I appreciate your help, once agian.


    BTW, the other HD I have connected is dedicated to TM back-ups.


    Best wishes, Keith