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I have a 32gb iPod touch with it's own music library installed on it through iTunes. I recently setup iMatch using my laptop and iTunes, iMatch will hold up to 25000 songs that you can access using  the iTunes account. It's all fine when using my desktop or laptop to use iTunes and play the library i put up on iMatch and it plays through my Apple TV in my home entertainment center. 

The problem is that when I went to use my iPod to think I could access the iMatch library when in range of my home wi-fi I got a message that iMatch will replace the library on my iPod. What's the point if I do that and then take my iPod outside and not accessible to wi-fi and I won't have access to my music. Unless I can use two libraries, the one on my iPod and iMatch library when i am in wi-fi range then I see no point in allowing the library on my iPod to be wiped out by the iMatch.  Is there a way to do this?  or am I only able to use iMatch using my other devices.  Also, the iMatch capacity of 25000 songs will far exceed the capacity of the iPod so that will also not work.  Any help will be great.

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