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Okay, if i turn on iMatch using my iPod it gives the message that iMatch will replace the library on the device.

How sensible is that if iMatch has to be in wi-fi or internet range to function and if my library is removed from the

iPod device then what do I do to access my library.

Can I use and keep the songs actually installed on my iPod and still ocasionally access the imatch with my iPod.

The library in iMatch is larger then the capacity of the iPod. 


And, if I load songs onto my iPod from an iMatch library will the songs stay on the iPod or does it have to be linked to iMatch.


maybe it's me, but I find the iMatch confusing, a good concept but maybe it's not where it should be yet.

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    These questions have actually already been discussed in-depth on this forum. A search might be helpful.


    In short, that alert is misleading because it does not actually remove any music that is already on the device as long as that music is in the cloud. To listen to music when out of range of a Wi Fi signal you will need to pre-download tracks to the device. Also, any music ths has already been listened to will still be available on the device because it is stored in a non-permanent cache.


    With iTunes Match enabled on an iOS device traditional syncing of music via USB is disabled. All music management takes place directly on the device.