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Macbook Pro bought 3th october 2008, after replacing hard disk, fans and adaptor magsafe  finally I went to Apple the 3th july 2012 'cause the screen didn't work anymore,I told the guy I knew probably was the graphic card, it was the famous bad  Nvidia serie... He told me I was right but anyway my macbook was

out of warranty so I paid almost 500 euros to replace the whole thing 'cause deadline at work and no money to buy a new one.


- I never was told that they run a  Nvidia test to know if it was the cause of failure


I just realized even on the apple website was alerting about the replacement programme until 7 december 2012,

so I called with my serial number and they told me first it was not in warranty, after I told the guy he was wrong

(october 2008 to july 2012 is less than four years) he changed the subject and told me my computer specificaly

was not into the serie number affected so he could'nt help me at all


I want to know how can they know if my macbook pro was not into the replacement programme if they can not tell me exactly

which are the ones affected , Is there a list I can check?



Modèle : MACBOOK PRO (15-INCH EARLY 2008)

Date d’achat : 03-Oct-08

N° de série : W8******YJZ


Thank a lot for any help!


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