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Reading the forums this problem has come up a few times over the years and then been apparently fixed by an ITunes update but it looks like its back again.


We are running the latest Itunes on Windows 7 and using an outlook 2003 calendar

I am syncing this to a new Iphone 5 with all the latest updates


We have two Windows 7 computer systems and two Iphone 5 handsets, both with the identical issue


When syncing with Itunes all my contacts are fine and all appointments with a set time are fine but the all day events appear on the Iphone one day early.

If I modify the event and give it a time say 8am to 8pm then it shifts back to the correct date on the phone.

As soon as I change it back to an all day event it moves to the wrong day again.


If I set a new all day event in outlook it appears a day early on the Iphone  eg. I set it for August 20 in Outook but it shows as August 19 on the Iphone.

If I set an new all day event on the Iphone it appears a day late in outlook. eg. I set it for August 20 on the Iphone but it shows as August 21 in Outlook.


Yes I have checked all the time zones on outlook, the pc and the phones are correct

Yes they all have daylight saving enabled

Yes the itunes app is enabled in outlook.


We purchased these new phones so we could work on the move but not being able to rely on the calendars being correct on the phones tends to make this expensive exercise rather pointless.


Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated



iPhone 5, Windows 7, Outlook 2003
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    Just updated to Outlook 2010 on both machines in the hope that this would fix it...........  No Change.

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    I had the same situatuon on my Mac Book Pro 2012/Mountain Lion and run Parallels 8 with Windows 8. The time/date on Outlook is dependant on the Mac core time, which for some reason, being set to default Auto, seems to lag, presumably following Cupertino time when I am located in SGP +8 hours ahead GMT. My solution was switching off the auto time update/synch. I manually switch it on now and then just to ensure the time is synch to local Internet time. No trouble since.

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    Tried turning off the auto time update but no help.


    The system time is correct and all other appointments are synced correctly, it's just whole day events that it messes up.

    I even did 1 minute appointments that sit hard up to 12am and 12pm, these were correctly synced as well as appointments starting at 12am and finishing 12pm (so effectively all day events) which were also synced correctly.



    The moment you set the "all day" feature in either outlook or the iphone it stuffs it up.


    So far haven't heard a peep out of Apple about the problem and now know of at least another 5 people with exactly the same issue.

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    Now updated to Itunes


    Its now 4 months down the track and still no fix from Apple!!

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    Now over six months and still no fix or even contact from Apple re fault/service request lodged with support.


    Good skills guys.

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    I just updated to iTunes and iCloud Control panel 3 (that works with Office 2013).  All day events (like birthdays) are all showing 1 day early in my iCloud calendar.


    This has been an issue forever.  How hard could it be to add a birthday to a calendar and have it show up correctly?

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    Nearly 10 months and now on IOS7 and Itunes 11.11


    I and many others have submitted feedback and asked for support from Apple a number of times.

    Not one single reply at all from "support"

    Apple support is a bit like the fabled unicorn, just a myth, a story spun to keep the children quiet.


    If they can't even be bothered to fix it in a brand new IOS then fat chance they will ever do anything about it.


    With the new IOS looking like something my 5 year old made with her crayons and no support for anyone who actually uses this thing as a tool its pretty obviose that Apple are only interested in making childrens toys and the teenage market.

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    Hi Boneart - I feel for you. 


    I too have the same issue (Feb 2014) which I have just discovered today as I am not a strong user of all-day events, until today when I tried to schedule annual holidays in my diary.  I can confirm the EXACT SAME issues that you have described with all-day events displacing 24 hrs EARLY for sync Outlook to iOS calendar, and all-day events displaced 24hrs LATE for sync iOS calendar to Outlook.  I also confirm that the issue does not exist for specified time appointments, as you also found. 


    I note from several other discussion threads that Apple have previously focussed on an issue of all-day events syncing to span 2-days; that is not yet apparent in my situation  BUT I will be watching with interest whether a subsequent synchronisation causes the displaced dates to also synchronise back providing the same event apparently spanning 2 days but ACTUALLY existing as two events with identical properties on successive days.


    One oddity is that I also operate in the NZ time zone; I wonder if that is significant???


    For a brief period I trialled iCloud with a thrid-party patch to resolve the native iCloud issue of not providing 2-way synch with Outlook.  That worked beautifully ... until Apple provided an update to the iCloud interface which destroyed all functionality for me.  I'm back to hard-wire sync via USB wire again.  Very frustrating!!


    Finally it is sad that Apple has no interest in these issues.  It strikes me that as soon as there is a non-Apple platform involved they blame the other system and wash their hands of it.


    iPhone 4; iOS 7.0.6 (latest); Outlook 2007 & iTunes on Win7Pro 64x v6.1

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    Hi All,


    I had the same issue and came across this thread through a google search.  I eventually resolved the problem thanks to the last post from MAINlyMe in which he mentioned he was operating in the NZ Time zone.  So was I but I don't usually and when I changed the time zone on the phone and re-synced the problem disappeared.   You may have to fiddle around changing the time zone on both PC and phone and editing your calendar appointment or contact information to resolve this but it worked in the end.  Was quite a painful experience.  Note I mentioned editing contact info, in my case the All Day Event was a birthday and anniversary.  Good luck all.