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Okay, here is my situation.


I'm getting disconnected from Comcast something like 8 times a day. The Comcast modem loses sync, the DSL light goes amber -- the Internet is dead. 20 minutes later the DSL light comes back on, Internet is back. Yesterday at 8pm, I lost DSL for like an hour.


I have a call with Comcast, they're coming over in a few days,


Two things happened to my AE a week ago which could be causing the problem, if Comcast turns out to be fine.


One, I dropped my Airport Extreme like 3' to the floor by accident when moving it. ALSO I UPDATED TO THE NEW FIRMWARE.


The question I have...


Can a faulty AE or the new firmware cause modem disconnects, where you actually lose DSL? Or if the DSL light on your modem goes out, that for sure, it's an issue with your ISP?


It just seems odd all of this started happening with greater frequency this week, but it could be a Comcast issue.


Any help appreciated.




iMac, OS X Mountain Lion