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I keep forgetting my password when I need to update software.  Nobody every uses my laptop except for me.  Is it possible to turn of this function?

macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    If you are logging in as admin, and not using a standard account which i not a good way to do things, yes you can delete the password on the account.  Go to System Preferences, Users and for the account just delete the password.  But, you are really creating a security hole when you do that, another bad way to operatie a computer especially if it is connected to a newtork or the internet.


    Why not just write down the password and keep it handy?  Then you can refer to it when needed.

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    Thanks Ralph.  I will look into that.  The whole password thing is a hassle.  I'm a school teacher and I've got several accounts with textbook manufactuers, my grade book software, the schools intranet... each has a password with different requirements, they require changes on different schedules.  So I have so many passwords.  Then they ask, I can't remember, I go through the whole change process.


    I certainly could be more organize and each time I create/change a password, write it down...



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    Paul, I can fully empathize...just one of my access points where I work, due to security, takes seven passwords to get in each of which has to be random characters and changed periodically.  I have so many different accounts and user ids and passwords I keep a small pocket notebook with each account and info with room to change each.  Yes, it is a hassle, but in today's cybersecurity world and all of the attacks, a necessary evil.


    I would caution against leaving an admin account unprotected, even by a fairly easy password, that is dangerous to do.


    Good luck with it.



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    You do know about the Keychain?


    It is an application in Applications > Utilities. It keeps track of all your passwords including on websites, wireless netowrks, etc.


    If you go in there you can search on a website's name and it will show the username. To see the password you click the button and enter your admin password.


    It really helps for those rarely used ones.

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    Brilliant Rothrock!  I did not know about that.