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Hi All


I have a Windows 7 PC with iTunes installed and Home Sharing turned on. I also have an IOS 6 Ipad (New or 3) with sharing enabled. They are both on the same wireless network.


After a total uninstall and  fresh instal of iTunes on the PC, all sharing works fine with all albums and artists displayed, and it plays tunes perfectly. Within a couple of days, the iPad only displays a small number of my albums, and they wont play. The 'loudspeaker icon' in 'Music' just skips down the list of songs, playing none.


I have tried, different versions of iTunes, different pcs (with Win 7), a different router but get the same issue each time.


Anyone know what is happening. I did only notice this after the compulsory download of IOS 6....





iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1.1