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On a Mac mini filesharing server (or a 27 inch iMac) is there a way to add several thunderbolt gigabit ethernet adapters and combine the throughput?

The goal is to use fast Thunderbolt (or SANlink) storage and overcome the mac’s 1 gigabit networking bottleneck. In other words provide more total bandwith to the fileserver’s users than 1 gigabit.

Solved by John Lockwood on Feb 15, 2013 3:51 AM Solved

As far as I can see currently the most Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet adaptors you are going to be able to connect is two, to an iMac, this along with the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port would give you a total of 3 x 1000Mbps if you trunk them together.


If you need more than this then you should look at PCI-E 10Gbps cards. Either directly in a Mac Pro, or via a Thunderbolt to PCI-E expansion chassis.


This approach is not normally needed. You would use a Thunderbolt to FDDI adaptor see http://www.attotech.com/products/category.php?id=15&catid=16


You can also get a Thunderbolt to 10Gbps card however both are a cheat, it looks like a Thunderbolt to PCI-E expansion box and then a standard PCI-E card.


This is a bit more genuine see http://www.promise.com/media_bank/Download%20Bank/Datasheet/SANLink_Series_DS_v1 .02.pdf although on paper it is not as fast.

Reply by Strontium90 on Feb 14, 2013 4:54 PM Helpful

Yes.  You can do this with the Thunderbolt to 1000Base Ethernet adaptor or with the USB3 to 1000Base Ethernet adaptor (provided the host machine has a USB3 port).  You can also do this with a Thunderbolt cinema display's ethernet port as well.  Remember, your switch must support the LACP port bonding.

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