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I probably already know the answer to this (and don't like it). Is it possible to get Safari 6.0.2 for Snow Leopard? I've been searching everywhere I can think of. Is this an upgrade you can only get with Lion or Mountain Lion? I went back to Snow Leopard and would like to stay here until Apple releases an OS I might actually like more than this. If you can only get it with the upgrades, is there a patch/update coming out that will allow Snow Leopard to work with it (I've heard rumors of a 10.9 update in the future)? I really don't want to upgrade. Thanks!

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    Nope. 5.1.7 is the last one.

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    I don't blame you for sticking with 10.6, so are many people.


    However no Safari 6 for 10.6, so switch to Firefox (or spyware Chrome) for more recent updates.



    Firefox is the power users browser of choice with all it's add-ons, persona's, themes etc., being able to custmomize the browser as you like it.



    I'm already in the process of switching to Windows 7 Pro, because it's almost like Snow Leopard and will remain that way (and get security updates) until 2020.



    Windows 8 is a flop, so are 10.7 and 10.8, we will see what the future holds and then proceed.


    Rememeber that Scott Forstall was canned and Jon Ives is in charge of Human UI now, so I'm holding my breath the Jon Man will come through for us.


    If not then it's bye bye Apple.

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    Adding to what others have posted, I consider Safari 6+ to be crapola. Here are some things that make it so: unibar URL/search window, trying to get one thing to do multiple tasks (Apple being like a lemming and following the browser crowd), loss of the appearance pref and inability to change standard and fixed fonts and their sizes, via the GUI (even though there is a way using the Terminal defaults command), and the utterly useless resizable tab bar spanning the entire browser window. None of these changes are due to the OS, just the iOSification of Safari to match the toys.

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    None of these changes are due to the OS, just the iOSification of Safari to match the toys.



    Good, then I don't want Safari 6  on my precious.

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    Apple really has lost sight of staying in touch with their users needs. No one that is in the arts, video or any type of serious productivity needs uses Lion or Snow Lion. We all use Snow Leopard for many reasons. It supports unheard of amounts of ram just like the newer OS versions, but still supports older software and fonts with Rosetta. So why on Earth don't they simply keep supporting it with updates like Safari? Seriously no good reason not to allow old OS's to have updates, the software would work fine, this bullsh$% where they try to force users to upgrade is total crap. Stop thinking we are all a bunch of brainless iOS consumers and get back to making a serious Operating System again and at least one more generation of Pro Tower Macs. Give those of us that stayed with Apple through good times and bad the tools we need, and stop thinking we are now disposable since you have become this Consumer Power-House in the world of Music and dumbed down electronic gadgets.

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    Hard to argue with those sentiments, but if you want Apple to see them send them here:


    Where to send product feedback to Apple:




    You won't get a reply but they WILL read it.

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    Apple has updated Safari 5.1.7 to 5.1.8 on OS X 10.6 recently, also installed better anti-malware as well.


    So Safari 6 just starts a new version, they are not ignoring the older version for security issues.



    Firefox is at #20 at the time of this post.



    Long live Snow Leopard, the greatest operating system Apple has ever made.