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Hi All,

I started bloging and podcasting about two years ago and I tried more than one platform for blogging and for podcasting. At last I settled on wordpress.com for blogging and through which I started my podcast on itunes. After sometime I found that it was important to change the image as well as the description found on itunes. Here all the problems started. I have been trying for about one year to change how my podcast looks on itunes but there is no hope. I contacted itunes support and wordpress support who are both very helpful but they told me that the problem is not from their side. I tried to change my feed through feedburner more than once but nothing changed.


The blog url: http://casa-egypt.com/

The itunes url: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mhtt-kasa-msr-casa-egypt-broadcast/id3981772 21?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

There are two feeds shown here:           http://feeds.feedburner.com/CasaEgyptBroadCast



I sure have played a lot and I think that I messed up my blog and my feed and my podcast but really I do not know exactly where I messed things up. This is one of the mails that I sent to both itunes and wordpress support with some modifications and I am sending it now on this forum in case anyone could help me.

I have always thought that I have one podcast but on the itunes program on my computer I found two almost identical podcasts with the title "محطة كاسا مصر" (this is written in Arabic only) and another one with both Arabic and English "محطة كاسا مصر- Casa Egypt Broadcast". When I right clicked the image on the left I found a "Show Description" button in the drop down menu. I clicked it for both podcasts and I found that the image of the Arabic podcast (the upper one on the itunes image) disappeared but the description was updated unlike the the Arabic English one in which the exact opposite happened. I tried to open both in itunes store but both showed the old unchanged image and description.


I really don't know which one is the correct one for my blog as both display the same episodes. By the way, I used to have a lot of other posts but I do not know where they went. Now I don't care about those lost or hidden episodes as much as I care about the other issues I have.


This is the Arabic only one. (I want the description but there is no image here)


Inline image 2




This is the Arabic English one. (I want the image but not the description).


Inline image 1



As you can see from both images that the url shown in both information boxes are different. I am trying to contact any one from feedburner support but I do not know how to reach them as I think that the problem is in it. Or can you tell me how to edit my feed so as to be able to change my itunes looks?


Your help will be really appreciated.