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When Aperture creates a new version from a RAW file, no new master file is created.  This makes total sense and I understand why.


When I edit a photo in an external editor (Photoshop CS6) from within Aperture, Aperture creates a Tiff file to edit in Photoshop and saves it along with the RAW original once I have finished editing it in Photoshop.  I understand why this is necessary too.  So far so good.


But if I then ask Aperture to create a new version from the newly created image edited via Photoshop, it creates another new Tiff.  I can't see why this is necessary.  Aperture should be able to apply further new Aperture edits to the newly created Tiff in the same way that it creates new versions from a RAW file without duplicating the master - by remembering any new 'recipe' changes applied to the Tiff.  It only needs to remember the edits made as the Tiff already now exists.


Can I stop it creating repeat Tiff files each time I create a new version from the Photoshoped photos?


Thanks in anticipation.

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