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Hello apple help,



This is Badeya Alreda ..  every thing great under my accocunt. My cousin (Name is Ahmed Areda ) He try more than on time to reset his password

account but unfortunately we didn't resive any coments or emails from apple site ... The site refers to send to email but did not find.


My cousin Account info .Contact him any time please



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  • Sinipa Level 1 Level 1

    Have the same problem not getting email from Apple even it says the email has been sent.

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    Same here.  We've used our "family" apple id for about 10 years (since we first started using iTunes).  Now, however, two of our children have iPhones and have forgotten their passwords.  I (and they) have tried several dozen times to get the passwords reset and have NEVER received one email.


    If we attempt to create new apple ids, we are told we cannot because their emails are already in use.


    Also, I can't find any information on the Apple help sites or on the web that provide a workable solution.


    I've been in the IT/IS field for over 25 years and this is the first situation I've had were there are no available solutions. 

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    either keep resending the email, if still dont work...head to apple with it up front

  • evan53 Level 1 Level 1

    go to aplle!!! and tel em u mean buisness haha