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I have a small office with a Laptop (10.6.8), Desktop (10.6.8), and a Server (10.8.2) with an assortment of printers and iOS devices.


I am setting up "Common Calendars" as a replacement for MobileMe and have achieved some level of success, except for my iOS devices when I am using my office network.  I will discribe my successes and issues, as follows:


Setup my office server DNS, ISP Nameserver, & Registrant DNS with all CNAME records, as appropriate.

Setup Desktop and Server to use office server DNS.

Setup a Laptop Location to use office server DNS (OFFICE) and a wireless location (WIRELESS) to use default wireless router address (

The Laptop iCal is set with an account server address of "cal.Company.com".


"Common Calendars" works as advertized on Desktop and Server.

"Common Calendars" works as advertized on Laptop Location OFFICE, but not on Laptop Location WIRELESS.

"Common Calendars" works as advertized for iOS devices if I use the internal server's IP Address, but does not work using "cal.Company.com".

"Common Calendars" works as advertized for iOS devices outside of the office location with "cal.Company.com".


I am fairly certain my DNS is setup correctly on my office server, at my ISP, and at my Registrant, as "Common Calendars" works from outside my office and internally when I force the issue with the internal IP Address.

I am also fairly certain that my office router is fowardiing the correct ports to the office server, as "Common Calendars" works from outside my office.


I am assuming my laptop with location WIRELESS and my iOS devices are getting my wireless router's static IP Address from an external DNS server.


I am out of ideas to solve this issue.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacMini Server(10.8.2)