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I have recently inherted an older Macbook (around 2006) from my brother (previously my father's) and have noticed that it seems to be having some troubles connecting to wifi... Anywhere.


I was recently at my family member's house and every other computer could connect to his network except for mine.

Same has happened at my own house and now I am back at school and it is happening again.


Often it says that there is a connection timeout and doesn't let me connect to the internet even though my iPhone is right next to it and has full signal strength.

(I have tried everything I can do to fix this that I have found not only on the support forums, but also on Google.)


Right now it is telling me that I have full bars of wifi, but I'm having trouble loading one tab let alone two on my internet browser (Google Chrome) while others in my class are having no difficulty doing not only two tabs, but even more than that.


I very recently (within the last week) took my Macbook to the Apple store and wiped out the entire system and reloaded it to make sure that none of the things my brother downloaded (and my father before that) were still on here. (Plus my father had put a Linux partition on that I didn't want.)


I hope that's enough information to have someone help.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2 GHz Intel Core Duo 2GB 667 MHz...
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    I'm attempting to bump this thread because I am still having this problem and it is persisting to the point of not being able to use my internet for long periods of time even though others around me are doing it with no problem.

    Then, if I do finally get it to work, it is so slow I am reminded of the internet of the early 90's...


    It now changes errors between See Administrator and Connection Timeout


    Any information would be extremely useful

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    I also have a macbook 2006 and started a similar thread, having the similar problem.  I often get dropped if I am able to connect, but now I just get an error joining the network message.  I am hoping someone knows something, I think I may just end up replacing the airport card, not too expensive on amazon.

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    I have the same problem with a macbook late 2006 and thread all that I have read indicate that eventually need to change the Airport card. OK it does not seem too expensive, but which one? if I look on ebay there are dozens and dozens of kinds.

    In the specifications I think Mac extrem Airport (DX 168C, 0x86) Atheros 5424 - but no reference card, while sellers want a reference

    Anyone know where I can find this information?
    thank you

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    Im having the same issue as the others but my macbook is 2009 w/ Mt Lion 10.8.2.  I have a connection now to my airport express but it will most likely lose the connection this evening.  my iphone & ipad work fine.


    I've reconfigured the aiport settings and i still have problems.  this slow to no connection began after the latest aiport express & mt lion update.