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I have version 10.6.8 and I understand to utilise Icloud I need to upgrade. I have downloaded Mountain Lion v 10.8.2 which I think is wrong CanI just undelete

and then update to a later version which will give me Icloud....?

Hardware Overview:


  Model Name:          iMac

  Model Identifier:          iMac10,1

  Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo

  Processor Speed:          3.06 GHz

  Number Of Processors:          1

  Total Number Of Cores:          2

  L2 Cache:          3 MB

  Memory:          4 GB

  Bus Speed:          1.07 GHz

  Boot ROM Version:          IM101.00CC.B00

  SMC Version (system):          1.52f9

  Serial Number (system):          W80181N95PC

  Hardware UUID:          B8BCF0C5-0A29-5DD4-875D-DE136B18D8A8

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)