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I received a few images via text message on my iPhone that I'd like to save to my Photostream.  I thought that by saving them to the Camera Roll, they'd automatically appear in Photostream, like with photos I take with the camera.  But somehow they appear to be different -- they never get copied to the Photostream. 


This is quite confusing -- it seems they should automatically go to Photostream when I save them to the Camera Roll.  How can I put these photos on Photostream?

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    see my photo stream section of this link Icloud photostream FAQ http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4486

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    I didn't see anything in the FAQ relevant to this, alas.  I'm connected to wifi, but images sent to me as text messages don't end up in Photostream, even though they're saved to Camera Roll.  Here's how you can reproduce it: 


    - Find a picture send to you as an attachment in Messages

    - Save that picture to Camera Roll

    - Note that the picture never uploads to Photostream


    A further note:  I know Photostream is working because photos I take with Camera upload just fine. 


    I'm running the latest iOS 6.1, on my iPhone 4S.

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    My Photo Stream When you take photos on an iOS device, or import photos from your digital camera to your computer, My Photo Stream can automatically upload your new photos to iCloud and push them to all of your other devices.  How is that part not relevant?  So that means picture save from your email will not automatically go to photo stream.  you would have to import it to your computer and then sync to your phone.

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    I see what you're saying:  what's implicitly being said in the FAQ is that the ONLY way to get photos onto Photostream directly from the iPhone is when you take photos on it.  There's no other way -- for instance, you'll have to transfer attached messages to a computer and do so from there.  Is that correct? 


    Bummer if this is the case...

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    You have probably figured this out by now. But, I am actually trying to do the reverse. Everything that comes into the camera, texts, and whatsup message with images go onto photostream, and I don't need all the crap on there, and makes my photostream difficult to use. I want to turn it off. So I can tell that for me, its working automatically.