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Hi there.


When using the color adjustments in Aperture I've found that the eyedropper doesn't work as it should.  Everytime I try to select a colour using the eyedropper it selects red.  This is regardless of which of the 6 color spots I can select from.


Has anyone else found this issue?

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    The Color adjustment Brick comprises six separate adjustment panes.  (To see them, click the "Switch to Expanded View" icon -- third from the right of the three at the top right of the Brick.)  Each pane effects one hue.  The hues can be individually selected -- and can be _any_ hue.  The Brick defaults to evenly distributed hues, RGB interleaved with YCM.


    With one of the six hue positions selected, you can click the eyedropper and set the hue for that pane of the Brick.  If you click a red hue, it will set that pane the hue of the red you clicked.


    Are you clicking colors other than red and having the selected hue show as a red?

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    Regardless of the colour in the image I click on or which of the 6 hues I have selected, the eydropper places red there.  This is leaving me with the unsatisfactory option of using the default 6 hues to fine tune my colours.

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    If rebooting doesn't fix the problem, you should trash your prefs (this often fixes UI mis-behavior).  Directions are on the Apple Aperture trouble-shooting page.


    Let us know what you find out.

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    Thank you for that.  Trashing the prefs fixed everything!!