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I have not used the iTunes 10.6 library but I know it should display album covers of the artist when I am online. This is not happening with my MacBook for some reason. It looks like some prehistoric monster from days gone by, possibly 3.1 system. Is this possible to be done remotely? I have no knowledge of earlier versions of Mac systems unfortunately. I am looking at some system log and am thinking there has been a swap. I am also having problems with a pop-up that says UTF-32 is the wrong format for the file and can't open a simple texteditor file??? There is only UTF-8 in the format box,it doesn't have UTF-16 or UTF32.

I think I have been hacked and need the Apple Administrators to help me before I loose my mind with this machine.

How do I find someone that can help me? Thanks for your help in advance respectfuly.

Mac OS X (10.6.1), I have log files from the machine .