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I burned a part of last year's images to a disc but do not get the result I wished.


As seen in in the screenshot below, I selected two maps with albums. Map "Trips" (=n°4) contains 2 albums; the map "Friends" (=n°5) has 7 albums:


Schermafbeelding 2013-02-14 om 16.51.40.png

On the contrary after burning these 2 maps and 9 albums the disc displays only 'numbered' maps in consecutive colums:


Schermafbeelding 2013-02-14 om 17.59.45.png


Schermafbeelding 2013-02-14 om 18.01.50.png


What I expected and wished for were these maps to display the names of the selected maps/albums instead!

Column 4 should mention the maps original names "Trips" and "Friends", column 5 their corresponding albums (respectively 2 and 7), and column 6 their respective thumbnails.


How come and why those differences in data between my selection in the iPhoto Library and the ones on the burned disc? In any case I would like to understand the way a disc processes the selected images.

For sure it is highly impratical to have a disc processed and burned without the proper names identifiying the maps/albums. In any case iPhoto's own helpfiles are of no help on this issue.


As I am postponing the burning of other maps and albums I would truly appreciate any helpful reaction.


Would 'Toast' resolve my problem?



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    The disk is designed to be read in iPhoto and not the FInder. Pop it in the machine, it should show up in the iPhoto Window. Does it? Click on it. Does it behave as expected?


    FWIW: Optical Disks corrode. Computers with optical disk readers are going away. Within a few years it will be hard to find a computer that can read or work with these disks. They are not a long-term solution to back up.

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    Here's a screenshot of how to access that CD burned from iPhoto as TD described:




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    Thanks TD and OT.


    As the problem in itself is solved now, I'd still like to know how that burning process came to handle the data of my pics the way as displayed on my previous screenshots, and on the new screenshot shown below, which is so different from what a normal iPhoto screen shows.


    Therefore still these questions:


    1 What causes and is the technical meaning, of creating maps with numbers in a random ranking? As such they make no sense I understand. I mean: why not created as a series of consecutive numbers in sequence?


    2 Why are "M(asters)", "P(reviews)" and "T(humbnails)" not identical, as their format varies? So, M and T contain 4 maps, and P contains 2, although all three relate to the same library? And also between M and T there are differences.


    3 As far as I see, the first part of the figures in the sixth column is correctly related to the year of the images'   creation in 2012. What about the rest of these digit sequences? Theve have a sense, but what?


    This is the new screenshot meant above:Schermafbeelding 2013-02-15 om 16.26.51.png

    Can you solve these? Thanks for reading (these dumb questions?).



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    1. The Folders do not have random numbers. They are the date and time the files were imported.


    2. Previews are only created for Edited photos, thumbnails can refer to any of three images, depending on the view you use - in the main iPhoto Window, in the bar when you edit a photo and so on.


    3. See above.