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I have a Mac mini running the latest version of OS X and Server. Been running fine and flawlessly. However, I had a strange problem with the iCloud preferences panel crashing when I tried to access it, so I rebooted. Now I can not log into the system with any accounts. My master admin account (along with all the others) gives me the error:


You are unable to login to the user account "abcdefg" at this time. Logging in to the account failed because an error occurred."


I am able to see the server from other macs and I can log into it using the same account, but it only shows me a few of the shared folders I have access to but NOT to my main directories.


Rebooting into Command-R and doing a disk utility, I try and repair permission on that drive and get a bunch of errors like:


ACL found but not expected on Users

Repaired "Users"


ACL found but not expected on Users/.localized

Repaired "Users/.localized"


ACL found but not expected on Users/Shared

Repaired "Users/shared"


ACL found but not expected on Users/Shared/.localized

Repaired "Users/Shared/.localized"


Permissions repair complete.


But rebooting is no joy...same problem. Any idea what is going on or how to repair it? Should I do a time machine restore? Complete new OS X install? Any idea what is causing this or how to salvage it?