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Help please.


I have an iPhone 5 that experiences slow streaming over Wi-Fi. I would say it’s started from day one and never got better. I currently own an iPhone 3GS, 4S and iPad2 that don’t experience this problem.


When I connect to any Wi-Fi network including Apple’s store network, after 5 mins videos played in YouTube no longer buffer or buffer very slow with jerky playback. When I switch to 3G it loads with no problems and I am not with the fastest telco. My current download speed at home is 20Mbs and I am not loading HD content.


I have don’t heaps of research and tried the following:

  1. Re-set my router 2.4g and 5g
  2. Tired a new router 2.4g and 5g
  3. Various security settings on the router
  4. Re-set my phone and restored (took 4 days)
  5. Re-set my phone and tested while in out of box state
  6. Re-set network settings on my phone
  7. Test it at the apple store


Finally Apple replaced my phone and that too is doing the same thing, plus I think the battery has capacity issues now.


Just taken another step back.


As anybody got any ideas as to why I am having this issue with streaming? Is there a fix?




iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    I finally got it working.


    Apple replaced my phone twice. That seemed to fix my in app downloads issue I was having but still had wi-fi streaming issues.


    I also was using private browsing that seemed to effect streaming only on Wi-FI not 3G. Once it was turned off working fine.


    So I think I had issues with the hardware and software.


    Note: Dont use YouTube as a test as it works ok but other web sites will casue you problems.

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    Not working again and now found 3 other users with the same problem on different Wi-Fi networks.

    just about done with my iPhone.

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    Please help. I am also facing this problem.