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Does anybody has dust like spot in the iPhone camera lens ?


iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.1
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    Someone probably does.


    Why do you ask?

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    Because I do have one, and so... all of my pictures ans movies have a brown spot in the middle. So, I was wondering if we can have the iphone repaired or replaced for something like this

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    If it is defective then Apple will replace it

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    I had dust under the lens on my iPhone 5 and they replaced it. I have a feeling that it's a common issue because Support was quick to replace it. I bought a LifeProof case for the replacement and have dust under the lens of it as well... I'm looking on these forums to see if anyone knows how to fix it without having to replace the phone.

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    I was told at hre Apple store that it could not be fixed... so I got a replacement one as well....

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    I've got the same problem too. You need to book an appointment with an Apple Genius and they'll replace it for a new one. It's a shame that its ruined almost all of my pictures by noticing it late.

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    What I've done to my latest replacement phone is pretty ridiculous. The iPhone is supposed to be a high end product and I've had to "Sanford & Son" it up to keep dust out of the camera. As soon as I pulled it out of the box, I removed the plastic film from the back of the phone, the side with lens and flash. I put scotch tape over the small hole next to the lense, which I have read is actually a mic for blocking out background noise. (A problem that didn't need solving.) I then placed it in my LifeProof case and have not had dust problems since. ( Not even after an ATV ride in the Sedona outback!)


    Go to Apple, either the store or the Support site, get a replacement phone and cover the mic port on the back. Problem, jankily, solved.

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    I've had 3 dark spots on my inner lens too for 3 months and I take lots of pictures and it was bugging me. After I researched here and saw that a lot of people had the same problem and I saw your video I knew there was a way to fix it. But first I went to the apple genius bar this morning to make sure and they agreed it was dust inside, He said a replacement iphone for me would be $269.00 since I was out of warranty. ***? Im sure I will upgrade to the next iPhone when it comes out later this year or get a iPhone 5s. But for now happy again with my iPhone 5.

    But on the way home i happen to find a store called Digital Clinic in Torrance ,CA that opened my iphone and cleaned the lens for $25.00. ALL GOOD NOW!  THANKS AGAIN TO THIS FORUM.