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About a month ago, I began periodically getting the spinning wheel while trimming, adding titles or transitions, etc.  It lasts for about 15 seconds and then goes away.  This seems to happen once every minute or two.  I have more than enough RAM/Power, etc.  About every other time I use FCPX it will spontaneously close (typically when editing a title).  None of these things were happening previously.  I have lots of projects that I store on Promise Pegasus drives via Thunderbolt.  I only keep a few projects and the associated events open in FCPX at a time, otherwise I use Event Managaer X to keep track of them.  Can anybody give me any suggestions as to why this is occurring and what I can do to remedy it?  I have the latest version of FCPX as far as I can tell.  This is driving me mad and costing me significant time while editing.  By the way, I am doing just basic editing.  Essentially trimming, cutting and adding some transitions and a few title screens.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB 1333 DD