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Other than emailing a Pages attachment, how else might one send a Pages document from a MacBookPro to an iPad?

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    It's pretty easy through iTunes or iCloud.


    Through iCloud, you just save your document when using Pages (any iWork app) and save it to iCloud. Just push option+file>save as and use the drop down menu to find iCloud (if you have it). In Pages on your iPad, you can open any iWork document in iCloud.


    The more complex way is to use iTunes. I'm not even going to explain it, unless I see your reply with "I hate iCloud."

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    Syncing documents via iTunes isn't that difficult. Start with this information for an overview:




    Go to the Apps tab for your iPad, scroll down to the File Sharing section, select Pages, and click the Add button to add the documents you wish to put on the iPad. Then just Sync. You can do this either via USB or WiFi synching.



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    Yeah, but saving to iCloud is SO MUCH EASIER!


    But the biggest issue is that it doesn't stay synced. You have to do that whole process for every save, it doesn't synch changes back and forth with the copy stored on the MacBook Pro. So you might say it's easy (and it really isn't easy, it's complex and time consuming), it isn't synching. It's saving a copy, that has to be physically moved between file locations.


    If you work on a copy on iCloud with your iPad, when you sit down at your iMac, and open that copy, you open up the most recent version that was edited. That's how it should work.


    iTunes syncing is fine for documents that aren't iWork. But for iWork, syncing through iCloud is not only easy but it really is the only true syncing method.