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I'm running a small 10.6.8 (server and client) network.  I have Deploy Studio to create and bring down images.  I setup a simple workflow, and added the default "auto bind to server" script.


When using deploy studio to bring an image down to our macs, in the automatic binding process, it is setting the "configuration name" (as shown in directory utility when looking at it later) to the computer name. I don't know where this is being set, or if it's ultimately causing a problem.  Searches on what "config name" does are eluding me.


When I bind macs manually, the "config name" is set to the same as the server name, not the computer name.


Is this causing a problem, and what does this config name do?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Don Roedl Level 2 (210 points)

    The configuration name in Directory Utility is only a label. It can be anything and will have no effect on the server binding settings or operation. If you were running a multiple OS X Server open diretory environment, you might use the label to identify the server that different workstations are getting their directory settings from. It is for identification purposes only, so not really a factor in your setup.