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iPhone 5 battery draining fast

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    You may have already seen this in other forums, but for what it's worth, I changed my "notifications" & disallowed several applications (like games) from sending "push" notifications.  I kept the notifications to apps that I felt only needed them - email & facebook. 

    Changing your notification type: Badge, banner, or Alert seemed to possibly have helped.


    Also, be mindful of how many apps are using location services.

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    need to do a restore on it, just happened to mine last week and as soon as I did a restore or use backup of my saved version it worked fine.

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    I solved this problem in my case!

    iPhone 5

    (sorry i´m not native english speaker)

    Symptoms: No change in settings, no new application, battery drain from 100% to 20% (and less) in 6-8 hours (between midnight and morning). No activity, no calls only mail pickup every 15 minutes. Push - Off, Location services full off, LTE off, BT Off, AppStore auto update Off...

    I think it was start after some "air update" my iOS 7.1.x. But i´m not sure.

    First i replace battery (original spare part). No change.

    Renew iPhone - no change (wired via iTunes)

    Restore from Backup in iTunes - no change.

    My solution what works in my case: I ONLY delete my iCloud account from iPhone. That is all!!!

    Now iPhone have 71% after 40 minutes of audio calls in 3G networks, 11 hours on StandBy, every 15 minutes mail, about 5 mail send, about 10 sms.

    In this moment i have not tested reenabling iCloud account in iPhone.

    I dont know why, (iCloud bug, some combination of inpropriet application... I dont know...)

    Apple is playing "everything is allright" but i know about another users with same problem...

    Have nice day!

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    so its not just the iPhone 5, I have the same problem on the 6.  This is really helpful.  Maybe I need to try and not use the cloud and see what happens.  Although that seems like a waste. 

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    I had the same problem with my iPhone 5 and performed several restores, resets and re-configuring of settings.  Nothing worked.  I followed drobek's suggestion and deleted by iCloud account.  Now my iPhone is back to normal.  I have not re-enabled iCloud on my iPhone and don't intend to do so until I'm convinced the problem will not return.