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Hi all,

         I am doing something unusual with Garageband-I have done interviews with people in my community on how they have accepted or resisted technological change and want to export these interviews(just the conversation I have with them) onto cassette tape.


I have a 3.5mm stereo male to male RCA cable, a tape deck, my cassettes and will be displaying the edited tapes on a small handful of Califone shoebox tape players in a gallery space for my thesis show.


Has anyone ever done something like this? Any suggestions about using EQ/normalizing voices to cassette? Digital to analog is not the norm these days. I grew up making mix tapes, so this is a walk down memory lane. I've done test runs and messed with the input level button on the tape deck. Some voices sound clear, others don't...the ones that don't are possibly because they are 80-90 years old! I've debated if I want to use headphones or not for the show. With headphones, the audio sounds fine. Without, the quality of the sound *seems* lower. Could it just be the volume needing adjusting on the shoebox tape player?


I can explain more if needed.



Andrea O