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Does anybody have a favorite audio interface box for guitars, vocals, mics? Just picked up the new Roland Duo-Capture EX and I have nothing to reference it by. Sounds good to me so far, but this is a brand new computer system for me as well as new KRK monitors and Shure mics. Just curious what you use and what you've found to be a favorite by comparison.



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    Don't think the usual people that are here have favorites. If something works and gets the job done within a certain budget then it's all good.

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    Presonus Audiobox USB is very good. It's the only interface I've owned, so I suppose it must be my favourite. Later this year, I'm looking at getting a Focusrite Sapphire 40, just for the extra channels. I've read excellent reviews.

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    That makes sense. The Roland is too new for reviews I guess. It works for me. It's within my budget and I like the connections and power options - battery, USB or power adapter. I didn't realize it was billed as a mobile device until I went to their website. I kinda like the way it looks too ha ha. All the talk about preamps being oh so golden, choice, (your adjective here) pristine or whatever, just got me thinking. Wondering if there's any ONE that's head and shoulders above the rest. Since I've never really compared it to anything in the way of computer gear I just thought I'd throw the question out here.




    On a side note, I'm really enjoying my return to Mac full-time. My Tiger inspired iBook just couldn't keep up with all the software anymore. This new Mac Mini rocks. This system allows me to take full advantage of the computer recording process.