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Hi all,


I installed ML server this week and everything is working fine exept profilemanager. When i make profiles some will work and some don't. I made two profile groups, for ios devices and one for computers. The one for iOS has calendars and contacts in it. When i push them to the devices everything seems fine. The profiles are installed on the devices. Then the strange thing, my iPad 3 (ios6.1) has no problems and contacts and calendars are added and working fine but on my iPhone only contacts are working, no calendar. The profile is installed, looks okey, when i go to "email, contacts and calendars" there are all the right settings, so contacts and calendars but when i open the app contacts there is nothing. I hit groups at the upperleft corner but no server but on my iPad it works fine. Both devices are on 6.1. When i remove the profile and fill in the settings manualy it's working fine, no problems at all.

The same happens to the computers, installed the profile for contact and calendars and added software update to it. Software update is working perfect on both machines but contacts and calendars won't become active, i don't see any settings at all exept in the profile it selfs. Same here, when i manualy put the settings everything is working fine. Anyone any thoughts on this?

Mac mini, OS X Server