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Have tried iPhone restore, tried taking pics from the camera instead of pulling one from the gallery and then editing the contact and inserting the fresh pic but all in vain ! After few times I call out the contact reverts back to showing small thumbnail image instead of full screen.

When I try to edit the thumnail and select Edit Photo I see a highly smugged photo even though few minutes ago it was shot from my phone camera and inserted in the contact !

This has happened so many times I cannot recall !!

One thing. My Contacts are in iCloud and initially when i had bought the iPhone all my contacts were in Gmail since I was using the Andriod platform.

During the Add Account stage I downloaded my Contacts from Microsoft Exchange as I was told to do so in the tutorial on the Net.

But please note that this does not happen with all my contacts !

Few contacts do behave correctly like it should and never reverts back to thumbnail which is crazy since even these contacts are from my Gmail account transferred like all others.

Please help me here ! Everything else works like a dream but this issue is driving me nuts !

Thanks !


iPhone 4, iOS 6.1