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I have a problem related to permissions on a mountain Lion server sharepoint.


I have a regular user with read/write permissions on a sharepoint creating files (from SMB on windows 7)

Now other users (including administrators) with read/write permissions to the same sharepoint are denied access to the file created by the first user. I am forced every time to propagate permissions to the files/folders included in the sharepoint.


Is there a better way to make this work? (propagating permission in a regular base is a bit time consumin if I have to do this 20 times a day!!!)


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Mac mini, OS X Server
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    Any idea on how to solve this problem?

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    Hey S_eye,


    This might be a bit late for you, but better late than never.


    The only place I've found to make sure the permissions are inherited to child folders is when you add a new persons permissions by going through Server app then select your server on the side and click on "Storage", then locate the shared folder and edit the permissions. (probably where you're going to propagate the permissions).png


    Then add a new permission and you'll see the disclose icon next to the new person, here is where you can setup the inheritance. So you might have to delete the administrators permissions and add them again?

    I haven't found another place to change the inheritance, but it's very frustrating.

    Remote Desktop Picture2.png


    The whole file sharing service is so disjointed and impractical to manage. I hope Apple fix this.