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When I started using Mail on my new MacBook Air, I was thrilled. I could now have all my email in one single place just like on my iPhone. Well after a few days, now the thrill is gone and I am completely underwhelmed.


1. The authoring capabilities are not on par with Outlook. No support for HTML.

2. No Hotmail sync for deletes and read mail. Please don't start telling me about how ActiveSync is implemented on iPhone but not on Mac. I have now gone back to accessing Hotmail through a browser again.

3. Mails are marked as "read" when I preview them and there's no way to change this behavior. I don't think it takes too much code to offer this option to users. I have seen a bunch of folks asking for this feature on groups. Someone doesn't seem to care about what the users want. This is plain silly.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)