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Hello there,


i've got a serious problem, mail 4.6 isn't sending mails and safari doesn't open (it shoes an alert about a crash).


Things I did befor all that happened:


1- I organized my Programms inside de application folder. I moved some programmes inside a folder inside de applications folder. I guess this may cause some trouble when updating the system.


2- I made the automatic software uptade from my computer. (combo 10.6.8, followed by the security update).


3- After that I realised that mail hadnt upgraded. It wa still mail 4.5. So I moved all the programs back where they where before (I took them out of the sub-folders) and reinstaled only mail 4.6 from the internet. I did the same with Safari.


4- After this mess I saw that mail 4.6 was full of problems. First the sent mails where all crazy, with different addresses... And after a while it didnt even worked anymore to send emails.


5- So I reinstaled all the 10.6.8 and the security again. The first time I tried the computer crashed. Then I tried again. Now it got even worse. Safari shows a problem (report) and Mail 4.6 continues not sending mails just receiving them. 


6- I dont know what to do??


What is happening?


Thank you!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)