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Photos scanned on an earlier Mac with an earlier OS have pixelated thumbnails though when opened the picture is perfect.




I posted this originally in the ML forum and Barney told me to Get Info and delete the thumbnail, which then allows a new one to be generated.


However, I have hundreds of photos and it will take ages by this method.


He suggested enquiring here about using Applescript to do it automatically.

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  • Ian R. Brown Level 6 (18,615 points)

    I have just had second thoughts and selected ALL the photos, clicking  cmd-opt-I and believe it or not, just one Get Info window opened representing all of them!


    One deletion and every thumbnail was renewed.


    WARNING TO OTHERS!  Do not control-click all the pictures and select Get Info otherwise your desktop will be inundated with hundreds of Get Info windows.


    Luckily I was aware of this and did not do it!


    If in doubt always check with a few photos selected to see what happens.