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Is my MacPro dying?  It suddenly reboots serveral times / day without warning or pattern to it.  Very much feeels like a hardware problem.  What options to I have?  This happened just a few times many months ago and then stopped.  Now the problem is back.


MacPro early 2008, single CPU, up to date Mountain Lion



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    Found the 2 folders listed below, however both are empty.





    I don't understand why I can't get into Safe Boot and Hardware Test.  Rebooted from the original install disk (OSX 10.5.2) many times pressing the Shift key or the D key.


    What else can I try?



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    The hardware test (extended testing) passed with "No trouble found".  Took over 6 hours to complete.  BTW, the reason the D-key did not work turned out to be that I had to plug the keyboard directly into my Mac (and not the monitor).


    Had to problem already a few times in Aug 2012 last year on Snow Leopard, but I am on Mountain Lion now.  That's why I still think this might be a hardware problem.


    Still looking for ideas of what could cause the sudden reboots or how to troubleshoot.