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Maren Brown Level 1 (0 points)
My iPod shuffle works fine with my computer (i.e. downloads, etc.) but when I go to play songs on it, the iPod won't play. Could someone please help me!?

iPod Shuffle
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 (23,830 points)
    a. How are you confirming that the download/filling worked?

    b. How are you trying to make it play?

    c. What happens when you try it that way?
  • nishanth9028 Level 1 (0 points)
    i have the same problem
    when i connect it to the pc, it just blinks orange, and wont stop, even when i leave it to charge. it DOES charge, but it never switches to the green light no matter how long i leave it there.
    ALSO, when i try to play it, i have to switch it on, and hold the wire connecting the earbuds to the ipod back, like pushing it back and then im able to play it.
    is this normal?
  • R13air1 Level 1 (0 points)
    This happens to me to i put my music by i tunes i take it out of the USB drive turn it on the light is green and i go 2 play it and nothing happens? What should i do?
  • Amit Chaturvedi Level 1 (45 points)

    Lets go step by step

    1. but when I go to play songs on it, the iPod won't play...
    Did you downloaded it to ipod using iTunes, or u just connected it to ur pc as usb drive and copied song? this is a very common error that people copy songs just like copying it to a usb drive. But this will not work as song must be copied using iTunes only.

    2. it just blinks orange, ..
    Did you disconnected it from itunes?
    If itunes is open and its displaying your ipod connected, it will keep on orange as it is in use, even though you do not play any song from there.

    3. when i try to play it, i have to switch it on, ..
    obviously u have to switch it on , holding the wire means either its not getting fit in the jack, u can contact ur nearest apple store for that, or u may got it loose while attaching ur ipod to ur system .

    4. i take it out of the USB drive turn it on the light ...
    I hope you had disconnected the iPod before taking it out on a PC or from iTunes on a Mac. Can't say in detail anymore as can't tell u exactly what u r doing. but had u read the manual, i m sure you will get solution to your problem there or if not then try the 5R as given here

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  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 (23,830 points)
    It will never switch to a green light as long as the amber light is blinking. That display means either it is still updating or that you are in Disk Mode and still mounted. It may indeed be charging, but you can't tell from the display.

    As for your required manipulation for playing: No, that is most definitely not normal. If you can demonstrate that to any Apple Store guy they will replace it on the spot (assuming under warranty, of course). If you have no store handy, start the replacement process on this page.